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        What is La Liga?

        La Liga is a competitive cycling league with the purpose of offering, developing and promoting quality cycling for all.

        Through this platform we want to present you news, events, results and products of cycling with benefits to all of our members and susbcriptors.

        How did La Liga originate?

        La Liga has its origin in the need that exists in Puerto Rico to offer:

        • Inclusive and family friendly competitive cycling events.
        • Where all the sponsors, cyclists, teams, collaborators and other entities related to the industry are part of the development of P.R.
        • Where the competitor is recognized and rewarded for time and dedication to the sport.
        • Where the competitor can see his results.
        • Where the competitor can make his registration online.
        • Where the competitor is part of La Liga.

        What does La Liga offer?

        The League offers the best competitive cycling experience in P.R.

        What is the High Performance Athlete Fund program?

        Our sport at P.R. He has great needs and great challenges to be able to develop high-performance athletes that can be measured and have important results internationally. The League knows the needs of these athletes very well and wants to be part of their development.

        The League has created this fund with the aim of economically assisting athletes with real opportunities in Olympic cycling. This program will be fueled by donations and the sales of T-Shirts designated by La Liga for that purpose. For more details contact us.