La Liga Cycling Club

Like cyclist says: Ride Bikes x Have Fun!!!

La Liga Cycling Club (LLCC) has been created as a place for you – LLCC's fans – to have fun, share experiences and ideas over coffee, and come together to get the very best out of bikes and riding wherever you are in the world and whatever your level or specialisms of riding. It’s the ‘meeting place’ for the whole community, and a way for you to support us in creating the great content that you enjoy. So thank you: wearing and sharing your socks out in the world is just one way you can do just that. And supping on some great coffee is another.

Presided over by Club President Jose ‘Palo’ Santiago, we started the La Liga Cycling Club with a monthly sock plan, before adding in great coffee and back-catalogue sock-swaps into the mix as well. If there’s anything else you want just tell us, as spectacular socks and sumptuous coffee are just the start!

But besides great socks, coffee and benefits, the La Liga Cycling Club is your club, and we really want you to get in touch via any or all of our social channels with your ideas and suggestions for benefits and features that you'd love to see from it so we can keep on building and developing it into something truly special. So what are you waiting for? Sock it to us!